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What is an Ideal Cut?
Ideal Cut Diamonds are round brilliants with all five AGS cut grade parameters at 0. The AGS  parameters are determined by a diamond cut analysis.  These diamonds are cut specifically to  enhance their brilliance through increased light reflection and  refraction.  The following diagram is an example of the  parameters that define an Ideal Cut diamond.

We also carry near Ideal Cut  diamonds with AGS parameters at 1 or 2.

How do Ideal Cuts make you more profits?
By showing your  customers the Ideal Cut diamond in comparison to other diamonds, the Ideal Cut will stand out in brilliance and beauty. This comparison will help the up-sell of your diamonds with a greater profit margin for you. Your customers will also appreciate your concern for seeing that they get the best diamond for their money. You and your customers will see the difference.  The improved look in Ideal Cuts is especially seen in lower colors and clarities!